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1TEAM Innovation works strategically with our client’s leadership team to generate substantial and lasting financial impact utilizing hands-on experience, industry data, education, extensive research, and technology. By understanding your business, we customize a solution that makes your firm competitive. Our talented and experienced management consulting team provides a range of consulting services.

A range of consulting services in the areas of:

Project Management

IT Service Management

Business Development

Strategic Management

Our management consultants have industry specific experience that aids in delivering cost-effective solutions for our clients. 1TEAM consultants can and will assist your company with identifying opportunities, implementing profitable and successful strategies, and meeting or exceeding organizational goals.

Furthermore, we love challenges! If your firm is experiencing problems or is simply looking to enhance productivity or efficiency, our consultants stand ready to implement a strategy that adds value promptly. If this sounds like your firm, we highly recommend collaborating with us for our 1TEAM-7 ingenuity.

1TEAM-7 is a seven step Management Consulting Process (MCP) that is used by 1TEAM Innovation, LLC, and its subsidiary firms. The 1TEAM-7 initiatives provide a formal framework that assists startups and small to medium-sized businesses in their pursuit of efficient and effective organizational practices. With the seven steps process comes the theoretical and practical experience of the various consultants of 1TEAM Innovation. As true business professionals, these experts strive on lean practices that ultimately saves the client time and money which can be redirected to other functional areas that complement such a value add mentality.

Business IT Support Features

1TEAM-7 is a proven process that is also affordable for businesses of all industries and geographical locations. As organizational demands continue to intensify, the capability of having a consultant readily available displays a high level of maturity for the firm as well as a demeanor that is motivated by success. Such attributes serve as strategic and competitive advantages that could lead to increased stakeholder buy-in and more investors. With the 1TEAM management-consulting package, our consultants will optimize your product or service delivery in a cost efficient manner.

Step 1)

Problem Comprehension

Step 2)

Systematic Investigation (Quantitative and Qualitative)

Step 3)

Preliminary Presentation

Step 4)

Final Strategy

Step 5)

Solution Implementation

Step 6)

Monitor and Control

Step 7)

Solution Implementation

Please contact us if further clarification is needed or send over your requirement(s) for immediate review. Remember, we are here for your success!