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1TEAM Innovation is a veteran-owned management consulting firm that provides training and consulting to individuals and organizations to help optimize their capabilities. Our strategy is customer-focused, with our solutions offering a global impact on enterprise activities. Project Management, IT Service Management, Business Analysis, and Lean Six Sigma are just a few initiatives that we expert. Our ability to provide these services on demand, and at an affordable rate, makes us the model for organizational usage.

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Course Dates MOD Location Cost Time - (CST)
Mediocre Leadership Jan 25, 2024 Classroom Austin, Texas $850.00 (usd) 8am – 3pm
Building High Performance Teams FEB 12, 2024 Online Online $500.00 8am - 3pm
Entrepreneurship MAR 4, 2024 Online Online $500.00 8am – 3pm
Building High Performance Teams Sept 29, 2023 Online Online $500.00 8am – 3pm
Building High Performance Teams Oct 13, 2023 Online Online $500.00 8am – 3pm
Entrepreneurship Nov 17, 2023 Online Online $500.00 8am – 3pm

Our Services

Management Consulting

1TEAM Innovation works strategically with our client’s leadership team to generate substantial and lasting financial impact utilizing hands-on experience, industry data, education, extensive research, and technology.


1TEAM Innovation offers extensive training and consulting packages to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are committed to providing a quality training experience that will add value to personal growth and your company’s overall business objectives.


1TEAM Innovation provides technology expertise that can enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness while providing a comparative advantage for your enterprise.

Small Business Development

1TEAM Innovation understands the importance of having a business with a robust infrastructure. Consequently, we believe in supporting our entrepreneurs, as we know the impact that this has on stimulating economic growth for the local community, the nation, and around the globe in today’s technologically advanced society.

Executive Coaching

1TEAM Innovation provides executive coaching services to help leaders develop strategies and skills to better themselves as well as enhance their impact and value to the organization.

Educational Consulting

1TEAM Innovation optimizes its business expertise to support individuals, institutions, private and public international schools, and Universities with business education.


Solutions we have provided include:

Design and implementation of enterprise scheduling, risk management, and documentation management.

Engineering and re-engineering of business practices to improve the overall readiness and capabilities of organizations.

The implementation of training plans that provide online forums for personnel of diverse backgrounds to communicate and share knowledge on project management principles and various other Information Technology topics.

Interactive programs that have assisted numerous professionals with achieving success in the workplace.

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