Core Services


1TEAM Business Starter Package

1TEAM Innovation's business starter package is perfect for new business owners and entrepreneurs. With this package, 1TEAM consultants look in-depth into your business model or idea and help put the foundational elements in place to ensure an effective launch that can transition to a sustainable business enterprise. Unlike other service providers, 1TEAM seeks to be a part of your growth with this introductory project, leading to more advanced services and projects to engage in the future. If we exceed your expectations in the interim, we believe you will be back with more extensive projects as your business grows. And guess what? 1TEAM strives to be your expert support every step of the way!

The 1TEAM Business

Starter Package includes:

Two Hour Strategic Planning Consultation (Zoom)

- Project Launch Consultation
- End of Project Consultation

Logo Design (two concepts)

Custom Business Plan

(Well-researched with a Key Emphasis on Marketing)

Website (up to 10-pages)

Two industry-specific blog (articles)

- 600 words

Social Media Marketing

- 1 Month Campaign
- 5 Posts Per Week
- 4 Social Media Platforms

1TEAM Management Consulting Retainer Package (Pay for Access/Work):

The 1TEAM Management Consulting package allows you or your firm to bring in an industry professional with years of experience in various organizations and environments. Employing a management consultant helps organizations avoid pitfalls and take the most efficient approach to project, program, or business success. Our consultants are experts in process design and enhancement and take an intelligent approach when engaging personnel and projects. This results in solutions that make an immediate impact that can lead to a return on investment most efficiently.

Companies can benefit greatly by bringing in an “outside eye” to engage organizational problems or to support strategic planning initiatives. 1TEAM Management Consultants have worked for global firms that include commercial and private organizations in various industries, including Defense, Education, Healthcare IT, and Telecom, to name a few. With specialized skills and education, 1TEAM consultants are the model for organizational growth.

1TEAM Emerging Leaders Workshop

Effective leaders are a breath of fresh air to any organization. With high-quality leadership, organizations can adapt quickly to challenges and present solutions that immediately impact the bottom line of the firm. The 1TEAM Emerging Leaders workshop is for those inspired to become better leaders practically and theoretically. A key focus of this workshop is ensuring a balance between the interests of the business and those of the people. With this in mind, understanding I/O Psychology and its benefits to leadership and business sustainability is included. Achieving organizational goals starts with the vision of leadership, followed by effective communication and motivated employees. This workshop ensures a solid foundation of such is understood while presenting strategies, tools, and techniques for leaders to implement.

The 1TEAM Emerging Leaders workshop is also for high school students. This workshop includes that mentioned above with a strategic focus on confidence. Studies show that confident students perform better under pressure. Knowing this, why not equip the students with tools to make them more confident and resilient in the classroom and in their personal lives or future endeavors? This workshop engages that and more while bringing out the best of each student.

12 Participants Minimum for Organizations

Military and Student Discounts Available