1TEAM International® provides customer support 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Our various means of communications set the standard as we aim to communicate in a highly efficient manner with all of our stakeholders. 1TEAM’s flexibility has helped numerous individuals and organizations meet what were considered unrealistic timelines. This “above and beyond” type of support to accompany the ability to explain subject matter terminology in a manner that can be understood by non-technical personnel puts 1TEAM International in a league of its own!

By being available around the clock, our clients maintain a state of comfort knowing that support is just a phone call, email, Live Chat, or even a Skype message away! 1TEAM International has had massive success by being extremely customer focused, and we credit this to the flexibility of our support team.

Great support provided directly from skilled consultants ensures rapid answers as well as prompt conclusions that could aid in making critical business decisions. This method also provides a single point of contact, which can help you, the client, provide prompt answers or make timely decisions using the information from an industry expert as a reference.

Feel free to contact us anytime!


Get your questions answered by 1TEAM Experts live and at a time that’s convenient for you! Please add us and feel free to exchange dialogue.We look forward to corresponding with you! Skype ID: one-teamint


  • Local business hours, typically 8am-6pm CST, Monday through Friday
  • 24/7 live phone and email support
  • 24/7 live chat via Skype | Google Hangouts | WhatsApp
  • Skilled Consultants to provide a quick response to queries
  • Pool of experts that can dispatch on a whim to meet customer requirements

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