1TEAM International® provides training and management consulting solutions for individuals and organizations alike. Our user-friendly mentality ensures a win-win situation for our partners and our clients. We never say no! Instead, we provide solutions that add value to our client’s bottom line.

Solutions we have provided include:

  • Design and implementation of enterprise scheduling, risk management, and documentation management.
  • Engineering and re-engineering of business practices to improve the overall readiness and capabilities of organizations.
  • The implementation of training plans that provide online forums for personnel of diverse backgrounds to communicate and share knowledge on project management principles and various other Information Technology topics.
  • Interactive programs that have assisted numerous professionals with achieving success in the workplace.


1TEAM International not only tackles projects by the usage of expert consultants but also through extensive research. Such research is invaluable throughout the various industries. 1TEAM’s research is both qualitative and quantitative that is accompanied by a written document to support or even neglect a cause or theory. Our educated professionals use the latest databases while consulting with the most influential business professionals or even consumers to secure data that is relevant, organic, and problem oriented.

Methodology Implementation

The consultants at 1TEAM International are constantly implementing or enhancing standards, best practices, frameworks, and or methodologies. With advantages that are composed of improved quality, better planning, thoroughness, and consistency, we optimize these tools to help streamline processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. We specialize in Project Management, IT Service Management, and Lean Six Sigma approaches that can provide an immediate impact to a firm or organization.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for a solution that can add value to your firms’ bottom line.

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