1TEAM International® understands the importance of having a business with a robust infrastructure. Consequently, we believe in supporting our entrepreneurs, as we know the impact that this has on stimulating economic growth for the local community, the nation, and around the globe in today’s technologically advanced society. With our small business development services, 1TEAM serves as a one-stop shop for building your dream organization using the latest principals and methodologies to date. 1TEAM provides the following services to ensure that your small business has the tools, techniques, and training to move forward most productively and efficiently.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Website Development
  • Social Media page(s) creation
  • Market Research
  • Financial Packaging

1TEAM creates a package based on the client’s individual business requirements or needs while remaining agile to respond to the evolving needs of the community and the global marketplace. With this in mind, 1TEAM International has launched its Business1st initiative that aligns your vision of the company with strategic professionals and the framework to help you get there.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation! We work with all industries and would love to help solidify the infrastructure of your organization.

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