Will 1TEAM provide training internationally?

1TEAM will travel globally to meet the demands or requirements of our clients. By communicating effectively with the client, we’ll ensure a successful delivery of service and provide an excellent learning atmosphere for attendees.

Does 1TEAM only provide training to companies?

1TEAM provides training to individuals as well as companies. We strive to ensure that at least six personnel are in attendance per class.

Are 1TEAM trainers and consultants certified to deliver such training?

MOST DEFINITELY. All instructors are certified in their respected area of expertise and have years of experience to accompany such theoretical knowledge. Also, most 1TEAM consultants have expert degrees like MBA’s and DBA’s in global business or project management.

Is the online instructor-led training as effective as classroom study?

Yes! Our live online training is a convenient and cost-effective training format that lets you enjoy the same instructor-led training that we offer in our classrooms. All you need is high-speed Internet access, and you’re all set!

Is a “certification” worth the investment?

Yes! Training and certification are great ways to advance your career. People who have invested in education have invariably advanced in their careers. 1TEAM International specializes in providing intense and in-depth training. The knowledge you acquire will definitely give you an excellent return on your investment.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. 1TEAM International provides formal certificates of completion on the final day of class.

Is 1TEAM a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) for PMI?

No. 1TEAM International is currently going through the process of becoming an R.E.P. We look forward to adding PMI’s logo to our website in the near future. Still, our partners are R.E.P.’s and the majority of our consultants are not only registered but also writers for the legendary PMBOK editions 4 and 5 to be exact.

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